Hands & Feet

Keep well groomed with a regular manicure.  Help to treat nail problems, give dry skin a well-deserved moisture drink, and just spoil yourself for a special occasion.

Deluxe Treatment Manicure

polish spill

For dry cracked skin. Exfoliating peel, Aromatherapy Oil massage, Hot Paraffin Wax, Cuticle Care, Nail Shaping and Polish Application if required. 
Hydrating and soothing treatment. . Lovely present.

1hr 30mins

Senior Therapist £44

Beauty Therapist £39

Treatment Manicure

Treatment Manicure   Senior Therapist Beauty Therapist
Nail Shaping, Cuticle care, Massage & Polish Application if required 1 hour £31 £26
- French Manicure 1hr 15mins £35 £30
- Mini Mani (file and polish) 15mins £16.50 £14.50
- Mini French Mani (file and French polish) 30mins £20 £18


Unsightly feet? We can make them pretty!


Foot soak. Removal of hard skin and callous, nail shaping, ridge buffing, cuticle care, hot paraffin wax, lower leg & foot massage and polish application if required - beautiful!

For dry, cracked rough skin, thickened cuticles, arthritis, sore joints and for sheer luxury! Using hot paraffin wax. 1 hour 40 minutes

Senior Therapist


Beauty Therapist



Foot soak. Removal of hard skin and callous, nail shaping, ridge buffing, cuticle care,      

massage & Polish application (if desired)     1hr 15 mins

Full Pedicure (as above) with French Polish 1 Hour 30 mins







Mini Pedi- Nails are filed & French Polish applied. 25mins £22 £20
Mini Pedi - Nails are filed & Polish applied.15mins £20 £18
Hard skin removal only, feet are soaked and hard skin removed. 20 mins £21 £16
Any Pedi with Gel Application   +£5.50
Chiropody   £26

 Gel Nail Strengthening Semi Permanent Colour system

A flexible & durable U.V. cured gel to protect and strengthen your nails. Coloured Gel offers you a semi permanent colour that will not chip or wear off for up to two weeks, and you can leave the clinic immediately! No drying time required! Brilliant for busy people.

  • Imagine perfectly polished nails everyday
  • Maintains nail health and strength
  • A superior gel nail system
  • You can't beat it for its ease of use and simplicity of application
  • Gorgeous colours, clear & French
  • It soaks off with no filing or drilling

Unlike other nail finishes, Gel is a nail treatment applied as a coating to your own nails to strengthen and condition them with no damage or fungal growth. Long wearing and chip proof they keep their well manicured look long after application. Gel is applied onto the natural nail.

  Beauty Therapist Senior Therapist
Gel Colour Application £28 £28

Removal of our Gel followed by manicure nail care



Removal of our previous Gel application when having gel re-applied

at the same time -  On top of new application price. 

D.I.Y ready to use gel remover kit to take home, removes 3 sets of nail gels




Please note a deluxe manicure or pedicure treatment cannot be done at the same time as the gel treatments as this would prevent the gel from bonding to the nail bed.

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