Micro Needling Dermaroller

What the Environ® Cosmetic ROLL-CITTM  and Dermaroller will do:

  • Restore skin tightness in the early stages of ageing.
  • Speed up the reduction of pigmented marks.
  • Thicken thin skin.
  • Smooth fine lines.
  • Soften scars.

Essential - A full consultation must be carried out prior to having this treatment. The topical anesthetic cream used during the treatment must be patch tested on your skin during this consultation. 1 Hour consultation including patch test for anesthetic  £36

Small Areas (top lip/small scar) 1 hour 15 minutes

Some people want to have small areas treated, such as upper lip lines, a small surgical scar, a small area of acne scarring or chicken pox scars. Small areas are normally 3cm by 3cm.

A one off fee of £50 to purchase your individual roller and £100 per treatment. a course of 3 - 6 treatments may be needed, 4 weeks apart.

Full Face (Forehead to neck) 2 hours

Individual treatment £265 

Course of 3 pre-paid and taken within four months for best results £690

Course of 6 pre-paid and taken within eight months for supurb results £1273

Body Treatments

Prices for Body - £318 per treatment (number of treatments needed are assessed after your initial treatment)

Prices for smaller body scars to be assessed at time of consultation.

Micro Needling 1

Micro Needling 2Indications for medical needling

  1. To restore skin tightness in the early stages of ageing.  This is a relatively minor procedure and can safely be recommended.  In some cases it has been found that patients who were worried about having a face lift were satisfied with the result of simple needling of the skin. Great results in the skin above the eyes have been achieved as the elevation of eye brows is a natural result of healing.
  2. To avoid laser especially in people with thin skin who cannot have laser resurfacing with safety.
  3. Acne scarMicro Needling 3ring. Great success with needling for acne scars.  Illustration 1 shows you a patient before and after having needling for her acne scars.  The results are superior to dermabrasion.  This particular patient has had dermabrasion in the past and was very unhappy with the result.
  4. Fine wrinkles are an excellent indication for needling of the skin.Micro Needling 4
                Before                            6 months after 1 treatment
  5. Scars.  As described by Camirand, scars are improved and if they are dis-coloured white, they may return to a more natural colour after needling.
  6. This treatment does not only apply to the face and the neck, it is also ideal for other areas such as the arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and areas where stretch marks appear.Micro Needling 5
              Before                            3 months after 1 treatmentMicro Needling 6
                 Before                               2 months after 1 treatment


The Treatment

Skin Preparation

  • Prior to the treatment, the patient is instructed to use adequate doses of topical vitamin A, C, E and beta-carotene both morning and night. The Environ® Proactive or Ionzyme ranges are ideal for preparing the patient's skin. It is preferable to prepare the skin for about three weeks prior, with vitamin A in order to hasten healing and maximise the induction of collagen, advice will be given at your consultation.
  • In some cases, better results will be achieved if the patient prepares the skin also with the Environ® Cosmetic ROLL-CITTM.

The Procedure

  • A topical anesthetic cream is applied to the skin , this will be patch tested at your consultation.
  • A trained therapist will then perform the CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) procedure.


  • By the evening after the procedure, the skin feels tight and looks awfully uncomfortable but it is only slightly sensitive and can feel a bit hot.
  • The next day, the skin is less dramatic in appearance.
  • By day 4 to 5 the skin has returned to a moderate pink flush that is usually easily covered with make-up. Make-up should not be used before the fourth or fifth day, unless you are using our recommended Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up, because of the greater potential of skin penetration from the needling.
  • Full after care expectations and treatment of the skin will be disscussed at your consultation.


Micro Needling 9

Micro Needling 10
             Before                                       3 months after 1 treatment

'This is my favourite anti-ageing treatment, I have experienced wonderful results, keeping my skin tight and dimminishing fine lines and wrinkles'
Niki - 52, Senior Therapist
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